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Credit System

Credit in independent study is awarded according to the amount and quality of work completed for each assignment.  Weekly homework approximates the number of hours students would otherwise be attending a comprehensive school setting.    

Learning Environment

Due to the individualized learning environment, Oakdale students have the opportunity to make deeper connections to the school environment.  Many frequent our centers, utilizing the space and time to acquire additional help, get peer tutoring, complete homework and/or projects, and conduct research.

Workforce Preparation

Successful Oakdale students are self-directed, motivated and able to accept responsibility for the homework that is assigned them each week.  As such, they display many of the qualities and characteristics of successful job holders.   Many 7-12 Oakdale students apply for and receive work permits for employment in our community.  Those students understand and accept the dual responsibilities of schoolwork and employment.


The College Alternative Program (CAP) is an educational partnership between Butte College and 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in Alternative Education.  The goal is to provide the opportunity to complete 24-30 units of coursework applicable to the CSU General Education pattern prior to graduation from high school.  Juniors and seniors will be selected for the year long program.  Students must place at the appropriate English and Math assessment levels prior to enrollment.

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